Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Free Country

Christians are forced to pay for elective abortions under Obamacare - where is religous freedom?

Navy Seals can no longer wear Don't Tread On Me patches - where is freedom of speech, or pride?

Teachers are held more accountable than their students.  Teachers cant give zeros, parents can sue administrators for embarrassing their kid, and teachers must use an "approved" curriculum that doesn't allow them to use their strengths.  Where is the freedom for students to fail or succeed?

Public schools have become a place parents can put kids to get them out of their hair.  The feds have realized this and use it to their advantage.  They teach kids tolerance and that they don't need real understanding but only to memorize enough to pass a test.  They learn that they have no rights, that it is normal to always be under a surveillance camera, to expect to be censored, and fed food that is harmful to their bodies.

I had never heard of the saying "learning for the sake of learning" until my third year of college, why is this concept not taught from the beginning?  Why do we treat learning like something we have to force the kids to do?

Degrees from state colleges have lost almost all their value and you don't even need a degree in education to teach at a public school, simply a certificate.

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