Saturday, April 1, 2017

extended bed wetting

"So my daughter wet the bed until she was 6-7 or so. She had ENT issues and we saw a specialist - her tonsils were huge and even though she already had her adenoids out we had her tonsils out - while at our consult the doctor asked if she still wet the bed. I was amazed - he said kids often sleep so hard because they're struggling with airway issues due to enlarged tonsils that they don't wake up to go potty on their own and they wet the bed. We had her tonsils out and only had a few accidents after that. It was amazing.
My youngest still has her adenoids and tonsils and hasn't had any bedwet problems. I know it's anecdotal but might be interesting to mention if you go to a dr."

"Bowel issues is one of the leading causes of extended bed-wetting. Not to say 6 is terribly extended (our 6 year old had to be woken once a night to go or he sets the bed). Is your child having regular bowel movements? Are the too hard? That can really effect their ability to hold their urine."
"Chiropractor! My son had never hag a dry night. Went to the chiro and within a week he was dry every night. He is 13 now and goes once every 4 to 6 weeks."

"Cypress essential oil can help, my friend has used it for her daughter. Just 1 drop diluted with carrier oil on her abdomen every night. It helps with emotional issues and physical control. She uses doTerra pure Cypress oil, her daughter is 8 now and has been dry at night for 6 months x"

"In our case, working on mineral balancing, in particular bringing up his potassium levels and getting his sodium/potassium ratio in optimal range helped tons."

Stress and constipation can play a role...

"In 1914, the recommended age to start potty training, according to a popular book called, ‘Infant Care‘ published by the US Department of Labor Children’s Bureau, was… get this… THREE MONTHS OLD.  "

 a list of things that parents can look into if their child is wetting the bed:
Chiropractic care:
Constipation / bowel issues
Cypress oil diluted and rubbed on the stomachCutting out dairy
mineral balancing - bringing up potassium levels, improving soduim/potassium ratio
This book:

There are also alarms/sensors that can help:

Here is an article that say bedwetting is caused by cronic constipation:

American doctors who don't have an answer will tell you that they will just grow out of it and that it is normal.  Why can't our doctors look at underlying issues that our symptoms are SYMPTOMATIC of?  Why do they look at things singlely and give medications to cover up the real issue that has side effects?

Attention, Rough Housing Before Bed, Listening to tantrums, Playing games that elicit laughter


FB post:
"A few years ago we had a vet speak at a club meeting. When I asked about food affecting canine fertility he remarked that dried peas are a common ingredient in dog food now and have been used by farmers for years as a birth control for cows."  with this link:

Article on using birth control on wildlife:

Soy Infant Formula:
"It has been estimated that infants who are fed soya formula exclusively receive an amount of oestrogen equivalent to five birth control pills every day."

EU wont import our beef because of all the hormones: 
"The European Union disagrees about the dangers and boycotts US beef, which is swimming in the hormones oestradiol-17, trenbolone acetate, zeranol and melengestrol."