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Spanking Resources (Spare the rod...) From the Bible

Saturday, April 1, 2017

extended bed wetting

My daughter has food allergies and isn't very secure.  As a toddler if she had a meltdown then a couple hours later she would have a poo accident.  She had to be held often, was a constant crier, has speech apraxia, and took about a year to potty train. 
The things that helped:
- The knowledge that even though incontinence is becoming normal here it is not the way our kids were designed to be and that there are ways to help our children be in control of their bodies. 
- Getting her tested for food allergies and eating more fruit and veggies.  Even though my daughter isn't allergic to dairy we've found that it binds her up quickly which seems to cause more pee accidents and discomfort pooping.
- Building up her confidence in knowing that we love her no matter what
- Chiropractic care: she got a little better after one visit, noticeably better the second and she hasn't had an accident since the third visit.  We started chiropractic when she would only have accidents every other day or so. 

Here are tidbits from around the web that were enlightening:

"So my daughter wet the bed until she was 6-7 or so. She had ENT issues and we saw a specialist - her tonsils were huge and even though she already had her adenoids out we had her tonsils out - while at our consult the doctor asked if she still wet the bed. I was amazed - he said kids often sleep so hard because they're struggling with airway issues due to enlarged tonsils that they don't wake up to go potty on their own and they wet the bed. We had her tonsils out and only had a few accidents after that. It was amazing.
My youngest still has her adenoids and tonsils and hasn't had any bedwet problems. I know it's anecdotal but might be interesting to mention if you go to a dr."

"Bowel issues is one of the leading causes of extended bed-wetting. Not to say 6 is terribly extended (our 6 year old had to be woken once a night to go or he sets the bed). Is your child having regular bowel movements? Are the too hard? That can really effect their ability to hold their urine."
"Chiropractor! My son had never hag a dry night. Went to the chiro and within a week he was dry every night. He is 13 now and goes once every 4 to 6 weeks."

"Cypress essential oil can help, my friend has used it for her daughter. Just 1 drop diluted with carrier oil on her abdomen every night. It helps with emotional issues and physical control. She uses doTerra pure Cypress oil, her daughter is 8 now and has been dry at night for 6 months x"

"In our case, working on mineral balancing, in particular bringing up his potassium levels and getting his sodium/potassium ratio in optimal range helped tons."

Stress and constipation can play a role...

"In 1914, the recommended age to start potty training, according to a popular book called, ‘Infant Care‘ published by the US Department of Labor Children’s Bureau, was… get this… THREE MONTHS OLD.  "

 a list of things that parents can look into if their child is wetting the bed:
Chiropractic care:
Constipation / bowel issues
Cypress oil diluted and rubbed on the stomachCutting out dairy
mineral balancing - bringing up potassium levels, improving soduim/potassium ratio
This book:

There are also alarms/sensors that can help:

Here is an article that say bedwetting is caused by cronic constipation:

American doctors who don't have an answer will tell you that they will just grow out of it and that it is normal.  Why can't our doctors look at underlying issues that our symptoms are SYMPTOMATIC of?  Why do they look at things singlely and give medications to cover up the real issue that has side effects?

Attention, Rough Housing Before Bed, Listening to tantrums, Playing games that elicit laughter


FB post:
"A few years ago we had a vet speak at a club meeting. When I asked about food affecting canine fertility he remarked that dried peas are a common ingredient in dog food now and have been used by farmers for years as a birth control for cows."  with this link:

Article on using birth control on wildlife:

Soy Infant Formula:
"It has been estimated that infants who are fed soya formula exclusively receive an amount of oestrogen equivalent to five birth control pills every day."

EU wont import our beef because of all the hormones: 
"The European Union disagrees about the dangers and boycotts US beef, which is swimming in the hormones oestradiol-17, trenbolone acetate, zeranol and melengestrol."

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Loss of a stay at home parent in America

Is it just me or is it really hard figuring out how to be a mom?  Don't get me wrong, I have a great mom, but breastfeeding, nap time and cooking three meals a day is honestly more than I can handle seven days a week.

Why is this?  Since when is it easier to go to work than be with your family?

Is it just our me me me society making me too selfish?  Is it the fact that so few of us had stay at home moms we don't have role models showing us all the right, quick and easy ways of doing things?  Is it the fact that we have smaller families and segregate our kids in public schools to only interact with other kids their age so that no one has learned how to change a diaper or interact with kids until they have their own baby?

Why do I spend so much time online researching how to be a mom when it should be "natural?"

What if I blamed feminists?  Women working is great but I feel like we've shot ourselves in the foot and now we either have to work or choose to work so that we can have a lifestyle we like, at the expense of our family.

What if I blamed liberals and all their wonderful social programs?  Moms need Dads to support the family but it is now more economically feasible to be single since the government will pay you more than what your husband could be making.  Our governmental social programs have made it very difficult for other groups to help the needy.  Have you tried filling out 501C3 papers?  

So, this country used to be peopled by people who helped each other.  Christians used to give 10% to cheritable causes, neighbors used to not only talk but help each other and their was a concept of respectability that went beyond making money; nowadays who cares about your morals you just "do what you have to do" to get money, business is business.  Socialism is the new fad because the government and liability have made it so difficult to help someone no one does it anymore therfore it's the governments job.

Parents teach children to help those in need, protect the small, respect others... When the stay at home parent has time they can make healthful meals.  Now we can fight obeisity.  Now we can help our kids struggling with behavior related to food allergies.  Stay at home parents can help with school so no kid gets left behind.  Stay at home parents can help kids learn fiscal responsibility.  You get the idea.

The government doesn't need to be our kid's parent.  It's not the governments job to teach morality.  But these days parents choose to rack up school debt, buy lattes everyday and think that money is a good trade off for their child's childhood.  Remember, our culture is all about sex, not the result of it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Lets get things straight.

If vaccines actually worked why would someone feel threatened by someone else who is un-vaccinated?

1. Most of us agree that vaccines worked.
2. The vaccines we use now are different. They use cheaper solvents, commonly peanut oil.Yes, many have metals, formaldihyde, amtibiotics and other things parents go to great lengths to avoid.  They also contain foods that kids are commonly allergic to like soy, egg, yeast, gelatin... (
3. 1 in 13 children now have allergies.  (  Vaccines cause food allergies.  (  Scientists literally create animals with allergies by repeated exposure to an allergen paired with a virus.
4. Vaccines kill children every year and have other serious side effects.  (,,
5. Vaccines cause you to be more likely to contract whatever you are being vacinated against.  (
6.    "Neuroscientists have found that even a brief episode of immune system activation within days of birth can cause persistent changes in sleep patterns concurrent with increases in epilepsy-like brain activity -- a combination of symptoms common in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental conditions."
7.  "Findings suggest that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with hep B vaccine had a 3 fold greater risk of ASD; risk was greatest for non-white boys." ASD= Autism Spectrum Disorder

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Free Country

Christians are forced to pay for elective abortions under Obamacare - where is religous freedom?

Navy Seals can no longer wear Don't Tread On Me patches - where is freedom of speech, or pride?

Teachers are held more accountable than their students.  Teachers cant give zeros, parents can sue administrators for embarrassing their kid, and teachers must use an "approved" curriculum that doesn't allow them to use their strengths.  Where is the freedom for students to fail or succeed?

Public schools have become a place parents can put kids to get them out of their hair.  The feds have realized this and use it to their advantage.  They teach kids tolerance and that they don't need real understanding but only to memorize enough to pass a test.  They learn that they have no rights, that it is normal to always be under a surveillance camera, to expect to be censored, and fed food that is harmful to their bodies.

I had never heard of the saying "learning for the sake of learning" until my third year of college, why is this concept not taught from the beginning?  Why do we treat learning like something we have to force the kids to do?

Degrees from state colleges have lost almost all their value and you don't even need a degree in education to teach at a public school, simply a certificate.

What kind of man do I want my son to be?

I want him to put things away: the dishes in the dishwasher, his toys in their box..

I want him to be honest, have a sense of humor, love reading and being in nature.

I want him to love learning and think of criticism as a way to improve.

I want him to enjoy using his body and taking on new physical challenges.

I want him to be a man of honor, one that knows the value of doing the right thing even though it may not be in his favor.

I want him to be able to see past a person's flaws into who they really are.

I want him to know that love is more than a feeling.

I want him to know and love God.  Not in a religious way but in a way where you can look at him and know that his heart is in tune with something bigger, greater and beyond our comprehension.

I see that he is already big for his size.  He likes to observe and then sneak into the play.  He likes to laugh and make others laugh.  He likes to be useful, toys aren't half as interesting as everyday objects that hold a purpose in the household.  He likes to run, climb, hit, throw, spin in circles.  He likes to practice his words.  He likes to include everyone and share hugs and kisses.  He loves to cuddle.  He plays shy with strangers which if given a minute he will turn into a game of peekaboo.  He likes doing things the same way everytime, for example if he opens a door he likes to close it as well.

He is his own man in the making.  I hope to offer him the help to be able to fully realize the goodness inside of him, the strength God gave him and the spirit that lives inside of him.