Thursday, January 30, 2014

What kind of man do I want my son to be?

I want him to put things away: the dishes in the dishwasher, his toys in their box..

I want him to be honest, have a sense of humor, love reading and being in nature.

I want him to love learning and think of criticism as a way to improve.

I want him to enjoy using his body and taking on new physical challenges.

I want him to be a man of honor, one that knows the value of doing the right thing even though it may not be in his favor.

I want him to be able to see past a person's flaws into who they really are.

I want him to know that love is more than a feeling.

I want him to know and love God.  Not in a religious way but in a way where you can look at him and know that his heart is in tune with something bigger, greater and beyond our comprehension.

I see that he is already big for his size.  He likes to observe and then sneak into the play.  He likes to laugh and make others laugh.  He likes to be useful, toys aren't half as interesting as everyday objects that hold a purpose in the household.  He likes to run, climb, hit, throw, spin in circles.  He likes to practice his words.  He likes to include everyone and share hugs and kisses.  He loves to cuddle.  He plays shy with strangers which if given a minute he will turn into a game of peekaboo.  He likes doing things the same way everytime, for example if he opens a door he likes to close it as well.

He is his own man in the making.  I hope to offer him the help to be able to fully realize the goodness inside of him, the strength God gave him and the spirit that lives inside of him.

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