Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Parenting out of fear

Love > Fear ?

Is anyone else tired of being told to do things that don't feel right for the fear that your kids wont turn out?

"You have to let your baby cry it out for his own good..."
"A person's sleep habits are determined by seven months..."
"You'll never get to have sex with your husband as long as you co-sleep..."
"Don't let your baby fall asleep while nursing, being rocked, sang to, or any other pleasurable activity..."

Where is the fun in parenting?  No wonder us moms complain so much.  While all the magazines talk about how poor stressed out moms are making it why are we depriving ourselves of the joys of having a baby because of fear?  Can't we just love our kids anymore?

If we honestly love our kids and honestly communicate with them when they need to learn a lesson don't you think they have a fighting chance?  Instead of looking for solutions we can BE the solution our children need.

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  1. http://ieet.org/index.php/ieet/more/pellissier20110719

    Title: Why Is the IQ of the Ashkinazi Jews so high?

    "Ashkenazim have long discouraged spanking of their children; strong familial ties, incessant encouragement, and hard focused work at excellent institutions, seems to be sufficient."