Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elimination Communication Update:

Well, our son is now six and a half months old.  A friend of a friend said that her child was potty trained at six months so if one person could do it I thought I could too.  This had been my goal, I'll admit I am a little competitive.  My son turned six months and I really pushed to get him out of diapers but it wasn't so fun.  We both got frustrated and then I relaxed and faced the fact that it was out of my hands and not all kids are the same.

As a couple weeks went by I realized it was easier at night to not have a diaper on him since we were having trouble getting him over the potty in time.  I got tired of changing sheets so I just put a towel down over a waterproof mat instead so clean up was a breeze.  This really boosted my confidance and  I started leaving the diaper off during the day.  A few more days went by and I realized we were only having one or two pees not over the toilet.  And, we were going diaperless all day and all night!  This was so encouraging.

Now as we approach seven months we've taken trips into town with out a diaper on with success.  He does still wear a diaper if we got out cross country skiing or anywhere where I cant take him potty, like the church nursery.

I am so proud of my son my heart wants to burst.  And I really, really want to brag about how I don't have to clean up poopy diapers, especially since we've started solids.

Yeah!  We're doin' it!

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