Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elimination Communication Pros and Cons

Elimination Communication teaches parents how to know when their baby needs to eliminate and then take care of that need in the best manner possible. 

·         Learn how to help your baby when he or she is uncomfortable, crying, or not falling asleep when he or she normally does.
·         Avoid diaper rash and other hygienic problems.
·         Save on diapers, laundry and time.
·         Bypass the potty training blues.
·         You can start at anytime.  You can do this part time, for example only during the day when at home.  
·         This is a great way to increase bonding, especially with dads who don't want to clean up poopy diapers.
·         Your baby becomes aware of and in control of his or her bodily functions.

Oh, there is a little feeling you get when your friends tell you how hard it is to get their four year old out of diapers, but I wont mention it...  ;)

·         It takes a few minutes each time you take your baby out of his or her diaper to go potty.
·         Not all care providers will do this.
·        It can be frustrating:
  • If your a perfectionist remember that there is no way possible to prevent your baby from going in the diaper.  It's what babies do.  I had a hard time getting over the fact that I wouldn't be able to keep my boy's diapers clean 24/7.
  • Babies pee a lot.  If your baby isn't peeing right now, that means that it could happen at any time!
  • Babies don't always give you fair warning that they are going to go.  It takes time for them to understand their own body.

 Here is one expression of EC:

What are your thoughts?  

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